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Contact Card enabled Zapmii NFC Products
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Contact Card enabled Zapmii NFC Products

Are you a business professional looking for an easy and efficient way to share your contact information? Look no further than Zapmii's contact card enabled NFC products. These products allow you to share your contact information at the touch of a button by sharing your contact card.


Contact Card


This is the best option for business individuals who want to quickly share their contact information without spending their valuable time. Contact card sharing is easy and efficient, and it works by allowing your friends, colleagues, or clients to scan your NFC enabled Zapmii business cards or other Zapmii NFC products. The link will automatically open up the user's default contacts app and create a new contact for you. No need to manually add each contact's information like email and phone numbers. This works on IOS devices, Android devices, and even Windows PCs if the device supports NFC.




To get started, you need to buy a contact card enabled NFC product from our store ( We offer a wide range of designs and collections for you to choose from, and on the product page, you can fill out your contact information which you wish to add in your NFC product. Once you have your package, you can start using your NFC product to share your contact details easily and efficiently.



With Zapmii's contact card enabled NFC products, you can make sure that your contact information is easily accessible to everyone around you. No more tedious manual entry of contact information, and no more missed connections. Upgrade your business cards and other NFC products with Zapmii's contact card enabled NFC products today.



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