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Microsite enabled Zapmii NFC Products

Microsite enabled Zapmii NFC Products

Zapmii is a company that provides a wide range of NFC solutions for its customers. One of the most popular solutions that we offer is our microsite enabled NFC products. These products allow you to create your own customizable micro website that displays your links and contact information when someone scans your Zapmii NFC product.


An example image of Microsite with links


The first solution that we offer is Microsite enabled NFC products. With this solution, you can customize the look and feel of your micro website and add a variety of links such as images, videos, audio, and text links with URLs. You can also add social media links in the footer of your microsite. To take advantage of this solution, you need to buy a Microsite enabled NFC product from our store ( We offer a wide range of customized designs and collections for you to choose from, and once you have your product, you will be given a unique device ID.


Zapmii NFC Products


Once you have your product and ID in hand, you can visit to access our advanced admin portal. Here, you can customize your microsite, add links, and preview your microsite. To do this, you'll need to create an account with Zapmii and then you will have access to the Z-admin. Once you have an account, you can activate your Zapmii product and start customizing your microsite.


Zapmii Admin Portal


Once your microsite is set up, you can use your Zapmii NFC product to share your social presence in one link. Your friends, colleagues, and clients can easily use their mobile phones to scan and visit your microsite. With Zapmii's microsite enabled NFC products, you can make your social presence easily accessible to everyone around you.



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